Welcome to The Savage Sign

You may have heard about the big Kickstarter release of the new edition of Savage Worlds. Well, Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is out and eager GMs and Players are already having fast, furious, fun. We at Sigil want to help you have even more, so we’re bringing you The Savage Sign!

Inside these amazing-looking volumes, you’ll find an entertaining bundle of goodies to enhance your Savage fun. There are immersive settings, exciting new character options, awesome gear, new custom setting rules, creature features, stand-alone Savage Tales, short stories, comics, and more to make your fun faster and even more furious!

Issue 01 is available in print and PDF on DRIVETHRURPG now!

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Creative Team

Our creative team includes Aaron Acevedo, Carol Darnell, Ian Eller, Min Lungelow, Eugene Marshall, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Brian Reeves, Alida Saxon, and a host of Sigil’s talented creators. 

Our team has produced the official art for Savage Worlds products since 2012, among numerous other projects like Deadlands ClassicTorg Eternity, and Unknown Armies. We have won multiple ENnie and Origins Awards for our previous work. 

We’ve also got contributions from Savage Worlds veterans too: Matthew Cutter (Deadlands), John Goff (Deadlands Noir), Darrell Hardy (Irongate), Sean Bircher (Rifts), Sean Roberson (Rifts), Darren Pearce (Suzerain/Shaintar), and Zach Welhouse (Suzerain).